The team extends way beyond the stars of the film…  but the list is too long for right here –  that’s what the end credits are for!
Without everyone involved, the team could not have pulled off the expedition and we’d have nothing to show you.

Below are the core team members who were out in the field during the course of this project:

The Water

Steve Fisher – Expedition Leader, Kayaker
Since turning pro-kayaker in 1999, he’s won countless competitions and races, and invented many of today’s freestyle moves. He’s been called the “World’s Best All-Round Kayaker” but now focuses on expeditions and filmmaking. His list of first descents includes such greats as the Irrawaddy River in Myanmar, and Tibet’s Yarlung Tsangpo. But in one way or another, all of this had simply prepared Fisher for this expedition on the Inga Rapids.  FISH MUNGA

Tyler Bradt – Kayaker
Best known for his world record-breaking descent of 186-foot Palouse Falls in Washington State, Bradt is the undisputed master of big waterfalls. This with his expedition experience and big water skills make him one of the best kayakers of all time. But it’s his unwavering determination and unmatched sense of humor that made Bradt a key member of the ‘CONGO’ team.  More

Ben Marr – Kayaker
Hailing from Ontario, Canada, Benny has quickly made a name for himself as one of the finest big-wave surfers in the kayaking world. In his unending search for bigger and better waves, Benny inevitably finds himself on the world’s highest-volume, and gnarliest, rivers. Fisher also points out that Marr’s extreme optimism proved invaluable for boosting team morale whenever things got tough on the river—which was often! More

Rush Sturges – Kayaker
Born in Forks of Salmon, California, Rush is widely regarded as one of the sport’s most well-rounded paddlers – equally dominant in freestyle competitions, racing and expedition paddling. He’s also known for inventing moves like the “Pistol Flip” and the “Hail Mary.” Fisher credits Sturges’ “balanced and calculated approach to river running” as a boon for the ‘CONGO’ expedition team. More

The Land

Pete Meredith – Co-Expedition Leader, Logistics
Pete is no stranger to adventure: Along with his many accomplishments is his 2004 source-to-sea of the world’s longest river – The White Nile. His wealth of experience and ‘Africa know-how’ made him one of very few people in the world who could have helped Fisher with this logistical puzzle. It’s no surprise then that he runs his own expedition logistics company, based in Uganda – African Rivers

Boston Ndoole – Logistics
Boston grew up in North Kivu Province in Eastern DRC. Conflicts and the hardships of a life in Africa have taught him lessons that only a lifetime in the DRC could teach. Pete and Steve first met Boston in early 2007 as they planned their first scout of Inga. Since then Boston has adopted the project as his own, and without his hard work and expertise, the team could never have accomplished their goal.

Dan Campbell-Lloyd – Cinematographer
Yes, that’s four L’s in his name! Every good adventure needs a rowdy Australian. If you’re in the action sports world you’ve heard the legends, but sometimes false names are used to protect Cambpell from his reputation. But he understands that to outperform others you need to be willing and able to do what others don’t – he takes it to the extreme.  More

Jared Meehan – Cinematographer
Jared is the quintessential expedition Cameraman. As an accomplished Kiwi kayaker in his own right, he even did some paddling with the team on the Nile and the Congo during training. His production exploits range from run-and-gun expeditions in Greenland to the film sets of the Hobbit in New Zealand. This gives him the tools to operate in tough conditions while paying close attention to detailed and artistic shots.

Mark Anders – Writer
Mark Anders is the ‘CONGO’ screenwriter. When you watch the film you’ll quickly realize the difference a good writer can make! He also wrote the article featured in Kayak Session below. His value as a team player on expedition comes as no surprise since his work has included trips and stories with the likes of Kelly Slater, Tony Hawk, Jack Johnson, Mark Burnett and many others in all corners of the globe.  More

Greg Von Doersten – Photographer
GVD is one of the more experienced expedition photographers in the world today. It’s that experience that brings him to this team. When the going gets tough, the tough get going, while GVD takes photographs. The vastness of the Congo River, and the brutal working conditions make it an incredibly difficult environment to capture. This is where GVD stepped in and did what very few photographers could have done. More

Jamie Roberts & Kim Mckenzie – Heli Pilots
One of the biggest challenges of the expedition logistics was finding helicopter pilots willing and able to help with the piloting that was needed – include bad food and sleeping on the ground. Did we mention Africa know-how? Look no further than these boys who flew across the Congo Jungle from Kenya, only to find themselves in the midst of an audacious request to take on an ambitious task.  More